TEAM Survivor San Diego Testimonials

"The camaraderie and the physical movement offer an unexpected shift in the mental and spiritual movement that undoubtedly come from sharing in the experiences that Team Survivor San Diego has to offer. It's an experience you're sure to enjoy! Come play with us!"
-Grace Bernal, Grace Wellness Centre

"I love Team Survivor Dragon Boat racing! I get to meet lots of women from a wide variety of backgrounds while we each work to conquer cancer with fitness and camaraderie." Outdoors, friends, exercise, on the water - what could be better?"
-Jean Snow, Participant

"Team Survivor San Diego keeps me mentally and physically active!"
-Paula Kracha, Participant

"As a physician specializing in cancer therapy, I have seen the dramatic differences between women who are physically active after the diagnosis of cancer and those who are not. Evidence has shown that women who are physically active are better able to tolerate the side effects during therapy and also do much better after treatment is finished. Exercise can most certainly improve physical conditioning, but equally important, it can increase emotional well-being. Encouraging patients to exercise, therefore, is an important part of my routine practice. As physicians, we need to remember to treat the whole patient, not just the disease."
-Kyle D. Holen, MD
Oncologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine
University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center